About the Conference

Brands speak! Brands connect! .... Most importantly brands sell! Success of companies, organizations, non-commercial entities like NGOs, international institutions and even entities like places, and people are dependent on their ability to create, communicate and sustain their brands. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon had once said "Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room" (source: https://tubikstudio.com). Today, every marketing activity revolves around providing meaningful brand experience to enhance customer engagement with the brand so as to create competitive advantage. Hence, understanding the branding process industry of firms and their impact on consumers is vital for the success of brands across the globe. In recent times, brand management practices have evolved with the advent of digital revolution. As a consequence, firms strive to create synergies among various platforms to create a unique identity for themselves and prevent dilution of their brand image. In this sense, it becomes essential to study the various issues associated with brand management and work out the possible strategies which can aid mangers to efficiently manage their brands.

ICOMBS 2019 calls for original research papers, case studies, working papers, white papers, industry notes and industry reports that are in line but not necessarily limited to below-mentioned themes.

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