Panel Sessions at EICOMBS2022


Panel Session 1: Understanding Editors Perspectives 
Expert 1: Prof. Dimitrious Buhalis, Editor-in-Chief of Tourism Review (ABDC A*)
Expert 2: Prof. Mark Rosenbaum, Dean, College of Business, Hawaii Pacific University and Co-Editor, Journal of Services Marketing (ABDC A)
Expert 3 Prof. Rodoula Tsiotsou, University of Macedonia, Greece and Associate Editor, Journal of Services Marketing (ABDC A)

Panel Session 2: Publishing Impactful Research: Guidance for Young Researchers
Expert 1: Prof. Abhishek Mishra, Indian Institute of Management Indore, India
Expert 2: Prof. Varsha Jain, Co-chairperson, FPM (Doctoral Level Program) at the MICA (India).
Expert 3: Prof. Arpan Kar, Associate Professor, Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India.
Expert 4: Prof. Leonardo Aureliano, Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing ESPM, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Panel Session 3: Marketing Safety: Managing Pandemic.
Moderator: Prof. Pradeep Krishnaharthy, IBS Hyderabad
Expert 1: Dr. Dileep Mavalankar, Director of IIPHG; Vice President Western region, PHFI
Expert 2:  Mr. Dinesh Chandra Sharma, Former Science Editor at Mail Today and India Science Wire & award-winning journalist, author and media trainer
Expert 3: Dr. Raj Ghosh, Senior Advisor, Vaccine Delivery portfolio of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Honorary Fellow of Indian Public Health Association.
Expert 4: Dr. Nandita Kapadia Kundu, Senior Researcher, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Communication Programs, USA

Panel Session 4: “Basic Mistakes in Quantitative Research: How to Avoid/Handle Them?’
Resource Expert: Prof. Faizan Ali, MUMA College of Business, USA and Director of Research Methods and Statistics, ANAHEI, USA



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