FINSTREET- The official capital markets club of IBS Hyderabad.

FinStreet is the official capital markets club of IBS Hyderabad. It is a dynamic mix of like-minded people with passion to learn. The club endeavours to get wind of the mystery the markets are besieged with.

During the course of its functioning the club has hosted guest lectures by many eminent personalities from the field of finance, economics and capital markets like Mr. S P Tulsiyan, Mr. Basant Maheshwari, Mr. Jagdish Thakkar, Mr. Prakash Gaba, Mr. Ambreesh Baliga, Mr. Prasanna Chandra, Mr. Ashish Tater to name a few. The club also comes out with events like Investor Week, a weeklong event having games. The club is the amalgamation of three verticals namely Vriddhi Research, Events and IBS Times.

The vertical Vriddhi Research holds India’s fifth largest Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), wielded by the students of IBS Hyderabad. FinStreet believes in mutual resourcefulness, which helps us in becoming cognizant to world we are living in. The vertical also comes out with sector and company specific research reports.

Events, the second vertical of FinStreet specializes in management discussions related to the current happenings in the economy. Some of the topics discussed in the recent past were goods and services tax, fall in crude oil prices et al. Apart from conducting management discussions the vertical indulges in the brainstorming to develop financial games.

The third vertical namely IBS Times is the publishing arm of the club FinStreet. The vertical comes out with a fortnightly magazine on the current happenings in the economy. The magazine also publishes research reports. The magazine has reached a readership of over 12,000 people.

Since a stable and developed capital market lends stability to the fluctuations in the economy, the club imparts sound knowledge of finance and economy and encourages its members to fundamentally analyse the market and come to a consensus for a stock pick.