Message from the Dean

shylajan Dear student,
ICFAI Business School is a premier educational institution in the country. We attract the best and brightest students from all over India.

As a student looking for under graduate/post graduate admission, why should you consider ICFAI Business School seriously? Here are some reasons.

  • We have the most updated curriculum that is aligned with the needs of the current business environment.

  • Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced, and committed. They work hard to ensure that classes are meaningful, and students learn the basic concepts well.

  • Technology holds a central place today. In virtually every course, we explain to students how digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and IOT are transforming business models.

  • We enable students to develop their soft skills in various ways. We have many soft skills lab sessions. Every student has a faculty mentor who acts as friend, philosopher, and guide.

  • Our faculty work closely with the industry to generate exciting summer internship opportunities. During the entire period of the internship, our faculty members guide the students and remain in touch with the industry mentor.

  • Our large and committed placements team, faculty and the students work together to create challenging and rewarding career opportunities for the graduating students. Over the years, our alumni have begun to occupy senior positions in leading companies across industries.

  • The student clubs on the campus create a vibrant environment. These clubs also provide a range of opportunities for students to showcase their talent.

In short, ICFAI Business School is a highly student centric institution. We exist for the students. Everything my colleagues and I do here is to help our students move forward in life and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Come and join us in achieving our mission. I look forward to seeing you on the campus soon.

CS Shylajan